Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This morning I saw a beautiful sunrise. Purples,pinks,yellows and blues. Since the snow has fallen, hubbies main transportation,his motorcycle, is no longer on the road. His winter vehicle is on blocks with the engine out. This means we are to one vehicle until it is fixed. Some days, I don't need it so he takes it for the day. Other days I do need it, like today, so we drop him off. Little girl was less than thrilled when I woke her to go. "Why are you not letting me sleep?" I had to dress her myself while she laid listless in my arms. She enjoyed the sunrise though. A ribbon of blue reminded her of a river.

Hooters. I have always been against the restaurant chain. Scantly dressed women, flaunting their hooters for tips. Don't like it. I have said that I do not want to support such an establishment that makes women into pieces of meat for money. For years hubby has told me it is not that bad and the food is great. Uh huh. Last week,the kids were at my brothers for a sleep over which left us kidless. With hubbies birthday over the weekend I told him he could pick where we ate,without complaint. He quickly jumped at the opportunity and took me to Hooters. It was not the most pleasant dining experience for me.The women were dressed more poorly than I had expected. How they stay warm in the winter months is beyond me. Their "shorts"were more like hipster underwear. There was soft porn up, for sale none the less. And the food? Well, even hubby had to admit that it was not great. His wings were undercooked and he left most of his meal on his plate. So yeah, I won't be going there again. EVER!

And just in case you have "SOME ASSEMBLY required" for any of your Christmas gifts this year....don't delay. With kiddos gone overnight on Friday,I decided to assemble little girls gift. It took me THREE AND A HALF HOURS. Three and a half hours people. Oh well at least it is done. And many days later I think my wrist has recovered from all that screwing.

Starting last year, I gave the kids $1 per each person on their list and took them to the Dollar Store to do their own shopping. On Saturday little girl and I went. Then she helped wrap them when we got home. She amazed me when she wrote the names on 5 of the gifts BY HERSELF.

Which leads me to the next thing... DD is learning to read. Last week when she began spelling EVERYTHING she saw. And wanting to know how this word was spelled and then that. Then I noticed she was writing real words as well. When we drove past she read the sign at Sam's, S A M that says Sam's. I knew she wanted to learn to read and after seeing her decode the world around her, DD and I decided it was time. So Monday we started Learning to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. She is loving it. She never ceases to amaze me.

Today at our field trip to Fenner Nature center I learned something new. You know when you shine a light on a deer, it's eyes glow green. Did you know every animal has a distinct color when light hits their eyes? The naturalist had a book with a list of animals and their color. Orangish Red is a skunk,you can thank me later.

Last night at the Mom's Night Out we enjoyed a Christmas celebration. I came home with some sexy underwear and a stocking cap complete with braids. If you were not there you missed out. Good times.

I rarely go to the theater. This month I have been three times. A Bee Movie. The Martian Child. And last night August Rush. As a mom it was hard to swallow at times. There were points where it was slow. But overall it was a good movie. If you love music it is worth seeing. There are still a few movies on my list to see. Especially National Treasure2,it comes out Dec 21st.

In response to Mindy's comment on Reciting the Old Testament... No song. Our church is doing a super duper bonus challenge to memorize so many bible books by a certain date. One of the teachers mentioned adding one book a day and in less than 3 months they can know all 66. So I took her up on it. And it worked. Some days they wanted to add more than one. But the repetition of doing it every day really worked. DS got the remaining 11 today so it won't be long until we record his video of him reciting all 66.

ThiswholetimeI havebeen typingthekeys on my keyboard havebeen sticking. I haveto go through each sentence andseperatethewords.Highly annoying.I think it istimeforanewkeyboard. And timelittlehandskeepfoodand other sticky itemsaway from the computer.

I am sure I could ramble on some more but I will leave you with this.
Have a blessed day!


Kellie said...

I know we talked about most of this but it is so relaxing for me to read about you all. Don't get me wrong I felt so loved when you called the other day and you had no real need or question except how we were doing. I think I can count on my hands how many times that has happened to me in my life. Thank you so much. N-E-Ways, I really liked to read this I think it helps me to remember better. I must be able to retain more of what I read than what I hear. Have a blessed day. Maybe we could double date for the NT2. We really want to see it too.

Gina said...

I forbid my husband to go to Hooters. ;-)

Because he likes messing with me, he asked if there were any instances in which he *could* go to Hooters. I told him only if it was a job interview that would potentially triple his salary.

Hooters went out of business here so apparently the food wasn't that good.

learner said...

Thanks for going to see august rush with me the other night. I needed the escape more than you know.It was nice to be able to spend some time with you again too and most of all thanks for listening ears and words of wisdom