Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Today At My House

The phone rings.
I answer it,"Hello."
"Hello, we have an officer on the way."
"Um,I don't think anyone called the police here."
"Is this (enter my address), the (enter my last name) residence?"
"Yes, it is. But everything is fine."
"Ma'am, someone from that address just called 911."
"OK, my 4 year old is right here and I was in the other room."
"It was a call with a female voice but they refused to speak with me. "
"OK, well I am the adult in the house and everything is fine."
"OK, ma'am, I will cancel the call."
"Thank you, have a nice day!"
"Good bye."

My 4 year old is sitting on the couch oblivious, I ask her if she called 911. No. She did not.
I call down to the basement to my niece, 9 years old. "(Insert nieces name, did you call 911?" She sheepishly and guiltily peeks her head up the stairs.
"Yes it was me, I thought the phone was a pretend phone, DS told me it was a pretend phone."
"No, it's a real phone. The police were on their way but I assured the dispatcher everything was fine."
"OH! Sorry."
"Please leave the phone alone and don't call 911 again."

In a later discussion I discovered she heard the dispatcher but never said anything to her. We talked about policies for calling 911 and also their responsibility. I tell. I almost had the cops show up. Thankfully they called back and I was able to correct the mistake BEFORE they came.


learner said...

glad to hear everything is okay.

Real World Martha said...

I called the police at that age (but knew i was doing so) and couldn't believe that they knew the address of where I was calling from. I hung up and they called back and told me never to do that again..I didn't. :)