Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Records Day and a Cool Link

Yesterday after a late start I realized I HAD to do some errands. Deciding it best to do them earlier than later we headed out the door just moments after yesterday's post. A couple errands turned into a couple more and a visit to grandma and grandpa's. A little shopping and some more errands. Lunch and before I knew it, it was well into the afternoon. So I declared it a record's day. I had so many errands and paper work stuff to do for various things. Including but not limited to a non-profit I had a meeting last night for. So we took the day off. Record's Day.
Then I got thinking about it and decided that it would be best to take the whole week off. As I have various children on different days. Today I had an infant for a couple hours and my 4 year old niece for the day. Tomorrow I have my 9 year old niece. Then Thanksgiving. Then shopping. And the 9 year old again on Friday. Not to mention we could use the mental break. So we took a week vacation. YEAH!!!

My girlfriend sent this link to me today and I thought some of you may enjoy. With winter approaching, bad weather is inevitable. With that comes poor driving conditions. This link is to the states winter travel advisory site. It is updated twice daily. Click on the county and it gives the road conditions of major highways in that county. Could help you determine if the trip to grandma's is going to take 20 minutes or an hour. Go ahead, bookmark it today.

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