Monday, November 26, 2007


Midway through our school day, it started snowing. The grass was green, the flakes huge. On a recess the boy stepped outside to catch snowflakes on his tongue. As we finished our last two lessons, he looked longingly out the back door. When school was over, he let out a war whoop and suited up. The yard was now solid white. He played for over an hour before he came in for a cup of hot chocolate. Then as quick as the cup was emptied he was back outside. He made the first ball of a snowman, then asked if I would help. I got my snow pants on, bundled up and headed out. It was not long until our snowman was complete.

The boy added the mohawk to match his own. :)

Then I got an idea. An igloo.
We found an old ice cream bucket and started mass brick production. Little girl dressed herself in her snowsuit, boots and mittens so she could join in on the action. We worked out a goodproduction line.I scooped the snow in the bucket to make the bricks. DD carried them to the igloo. DS put them in place. Reinforcing as we went. Until it was 4 rows high. Then we topped it off with our kid pool. Which by the way makes a fabulous roof. We packed it all into place, keeping a peek hole on the backside. It turned out GREAT! Here is little girl inside.

I just noticed her shoes our on backwards. lol. The boy had been out for nearly 3 hours, so he headed inside when I got the camera. We had so much fun and worked really good together as a team. This last one should give you an idea of how big it actually is.
Hope you enjoyed our snow pics.


Quasar said...

Yea .. 3 Chears for Teamwork. Good job you guys.

Diane J. said...

I want snow here in Arkansas! But the weather geeks are saying we'll probably get an ice storm on Sunday instead of snow. Bummer.

Love and hugs,


J said...

Ok so we tried this today - building a snow man. The snow just didn't work the next day!!

Looks like fun.