Friday, November 23, 2007

I Got the MemoToo Late

After hitting three stores and getting some GREAT deals, I found this in my bloglines.

Who knew it was "Buy Nothing Day," not me. I got the memo too late.
I don't feel guilty, not even a bit. I bought things I was planning to buy. FOR HALF THE PRICE.

I even encountered NICE people. I stood in line for an hour at Younkers. I NEVER shop there but they had the one item, for the boy, that we wanted to get him. They opened at 5, I got there at4. The gentlman standing next to me in line was a really nice guy. They home schooled their 3 kids. It was actually fun,waiting. Cold. But fun.

Then at Meijer's I encountered ANOTHER nice person. YEAH nice people!
And then at K-Mart, THE STORE MANAGER, helped me find the item I wanted.He stuck with me and then retrieved it from a coke display. Someone had stashed it there. It took a minute but he was successful. So he was nice. His store was crazy but he was nice.

So after shopping this morning I know I am not the only one who missed the memo. How about you? Get any great deals?

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Irritable Mother said...

Hmmm, I missed the memo, too. Except I didn't get out to do any shopping either. My mil and I have gone out early a couple times on Black Friday, and I loved it, too. Though I don't recall encountering as many nice people as you did today. Lucky you!
Yes, I missed the deals today. Hopefully I'll find some in the days to come!