Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Tale of Three Sioux Indians

This is the story of Brother Black Bear, Little Blue Flower and their mother Princess Bare Feet.

One Monday morning the three Sioux Indians joined together with other tribes for a day of fun and learning.

First the children colored pictures of Native American in tradition clothing as...

One of the mothers did an overview of the similarities and differences of different regions.

Then each tribe shared what they had been learning.
Brother Black Bear shares about the Sioux tribe including the loin clothes they would wear while hunting.

The boys decoration on his robe. Also note his awesome head dress.

The cradle board Little Blue Flower made to carry her baby, Blue Eyes. The Sioux mothers would carry their babies everywhere in their cradle boards. If the mother needed to do something she would hang the baby on a tree.

Little Blue Flowers dress. I wish I would have gotten a better close up of all the bead work as it is ADORABLE.

One tribe did a reenactment of Chief Pontiac and the affects of small poxs. Did you know the English infected blankets with the diesease and distributed them amongst the Native Americans?

All the kids in their costumes.

Our tribe on the stairs.

After each family shared we had a feast. Every one brought different foods the Native Americans would have eaten.
Corn chips, beans, hominy, hominy with cactus, vegetable mush, wild rice, smoked turkey, dried meat, smoked fish, nuts and berries. (not pictured but also sampled; cactus pear, raspberries, meat and potato soup, elk sausage) It was all so tasty.

I tried fish eggs. Salty but not bad.

When all the indoor stuff was done, the kids went outside to enjoy the snow. They made forts, went snow boarding and had an absolute blast!

The boys stayed outside for hours while the girls came in to warm up and make some crafts.

It was such a fun day!

The three Sioux Indians traveled home that day being enriched by the others, knowing that community is important and sharing our stories is important too.

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Rochelle said...

Oh how fun! I love the baby in the cradle board!!!