Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sudden Confidence

As I mentioned in the previous post that little girl loves words. Loves them.

Well I just had to share what happened today. With her brother gone on a sleepover and Daddy out of town, little girl and I decided to go on a date. She chose the mall, where we ate Little Easy(Orange chicken and rice) then walked around looking at a few different shops. She decided she wanted to go to the bookstore to look at books. Of course we did. She decided she wanted to use her own allowance money to buy a book so she carefully pondered over which was THE RIGHT book. She settled on a compilation book of Biscuit.

With our purchases complete we went next to the library. On our way to the library little girl took her new book and slowly and carefully read EVERY word of the first story. This was such a huge step for her as usually when she reads a book it is a story from our curriculum and all the words are previewed and known. So this book, Time For Bed Biscuit was her first true read of new unknown words where she was challenged to sound it out for herself. Especially with me driving and unable to see the pages.

She was SO PROUD of herself.

At the library there was a new and sudden confidence about her, she KNEW she could read. As she looked over the books on the easy reader shelf, she would look at it and say, I can read this one mom. So she chose a few off the shelves for her to bring home.

I love it! Her confidence as a reader just shot up about 100 points, simply because we went on a date and went to the bookstore. Watch out we have a reader on the loose.

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