Monday, March 31, 2008

Orville and Scout 2008

If you have been reading this blog for over a year, you may remember my fascination with the peregrine falcons. It's that time again. The falcon cam on Rhodes Tower in Columbus is once again live streaming the clutch of Scout and Orville. Last year was Scout's first clutch so while she did lay eggs, they did not hatch. This year is anticipated to be a successful clutch.
Over the weekend she laid her first egg and she will most likely lay another 2-3 over the next few days. Here's a look of egg number one.

To check out the blog for the Rhodes Tower falcons see here,
To check out the live feed falcon cam see here,

On occasion the live feed is down. Click on the still image feed to still get a view of the nest box or ledge.

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Mandana said...

We had a peregrine falcon at the library last week. It swooped around our parking lot after hitting the window. I think it may have seen it's reflection in the windows. It sat on a light post for a long time, but later we saw it catch another bird in mid-air and take it to the roof of a building across the street. Then all we saw were feathers flying!

It was pretty cool. I got some good pictures.