Thursday, March 06, 2008

I'm Ready To Fly

Amazing what 2 days on antibiotics can do for you. I am feeling much better. My voice has returned. And I am ready to fly.

This weekend I will be participating in a Chrysalis weekend. Where high school girls will hear the amazing love of Christ and draw closer to him. I am excited for all God is going to do this weekend. Lives will be changed. Hearts renewed. Hope for the weary.

Have a blessed weekend! If you think of me, say a prayer for this flight and the girl's who will be touched during it.


Wendy said...

Awesome - I'm so glad you are better!

I hope it is a great weekend.

BTW, you are a biking maniac! Way to go!

Irritable Mother said...

I remember you talking about Chrysalis before...So glad you are feeling better and ready for a great weekend!
I am praying for you.

Rochelle said...

Glad you are feeling better! I have never heard of Chrysalis before. That sounds like such an awesome thing!!