Monday, July 10, 2006

The Ring

Here is the ring the Lord gave me. It is a gold band with an inset of 8 diamond looking things (not sure if it is real or cubic)

Yesterday I left for church before my hubby. He rode the motorcycle. When I saw him he was bald. Later DS asked if he could cut his hair to look like daddies. We said yes. So daddy went to work shaving it off.

Little girl came out a few minutes later.
"Daddy make me sad!"
"Why did daddy make you sad?"
"He said no cut my hair."
"Mommy agrees sweety."
"Why him not cut my hair?"
"It is beautiful like it is. So long, so pretty!"
"Me want hair cut like DS and daddy!"

Needless to say I hid the clippers.


Bek said...

:) you gotta draw the line ring from the Lord....what a treasure...

Anonymous said...

A reminder of your beauty and how much you are loved! (yes,the diamonds are real.)

Christy said...

How cute!!! I think I missed the story of the ring???

momteacherfriend said...

I responded to Bek with the following:
Funny you should use those words....I believe it was right after the song. Worshippers Arise which says...I can see that you are drawing a line in the sand and I want to be standing by your side holding your hand.

A treasure indeed!

I say from the manifested in the following way. God was dealing with my privately about Feminity. The lady next to me slipped the ring off of her finger and said "You are beautiful." and put the finger on my hand. I knew it was God who prompted her heart. So I say the Lord gave me the ring. The lady was obedient, for which I am thankful.
And now you know the rest of the story.