Saturday, July 22, 2006

Free Sale, Fish, Flip Flops and Forgiveness

Free Sale
This morning we set up again. The best moments were the first and last "customers" of the day. The first one there was a gentleman. He went carefully from table to table. Looking over everything. He kept saying, "Isn't this something." Smiling. Then he stopped at the craft table. A guy at a craft table. I was standing nearby and we started chatting. Very nice guy. He asked a little more about why we were doing it. Then he said I believe the Lord brought me here. He had found the day before a statue of Mary. Her hand was broke off and he had told the Lord he wanted to fix it. He said this was yesterday. Then today he is at our free sale and there on the table is a bottle of plaster of paris. He had specifically thought he would like to use plaster of paris to fix it but he had none. How cool is that. He said this was a divine appointment. We talked more about how God can use anything, anywhere. How He can orchestrate the tiniest details.
The day was a slow trickle of people. There had been no ad in the paper for today as it was a last minute addition yesterday. So people came in one by one. People still blessed. Oh I think I forgot to mention, there were two loads of stuff dropped off for todays addition. So there was new stuff, lots of cool stuff. Two people came back from yesterday, and blessed again.
At noon we begin to put away the items. The last lady came in the midst of putting stuff up. We welcomed her and told her we would take things down around her but feel free to take whatever she liked. She went straight for the books. She mused over the fact that everything was free. That it had been free all weekend. We went about taking down. She stayed right there at the books. She said, these are GOOD books. I laughed. After everything else was put away, I came next to her. We started talking. She wanted to know the WHOLE story. The why behind the blessing. So I told her. All of it. She smiled as I talked about God calling me to obedience. The room to room purging of my home. The blessings of God. Then she told me, it is amazing I am even here. I believe God brought me here. She was from a city two hours away. She had been out driving. And she ended up at OUR SALE! She had just taken her bar exam for becoming a counselor. She was beginning her own practice this fall. Her hope was to have a personal library she could loan out to her clients. And she found so many treasures in that book pile. She was so happy. Grateful. And aware of how God can work out the smallest detail. She too used the word divine appointment. How cool is that? Very!
Needless to say, we will be doing this again. So people, go through your homes. Set things aside. You too can be apart of the blessing. Details will come soon.

The hubbies went fishing today. They brought back a bounty. DH and his friend skinned all of them but two. Those he brought to Sherry and I, to do ourselves. We got to do hands on fish skinning 101. One skill off the survival skills list below now accomplished. WooHoo. Bring it on baby!

Flip Flops
Today I found out first hand why one should NOT drive with flip flops. While driving home I was following my hubby. He was on the motorcycle and I was behind. DS pointed to something out the window and I turned to look. As I did so my foot slipped off the brake and my vehicle began to move forward. This normally would not be a big deal except for the fact that my hubby was in front of me. Remember on the motorcycle. My flip flop got stuck on the brake. I could not stop. Not immediately anyway. Not before rear ending into my hubby on his bike. OH NO!! He jolted forward. Recovered without a problem, shook his head and drove off. He didn't pull over. He continued on his way home. So for the next several minutes I prayed. I felt horrible. And I prayed some more. The first thing off my lips when we returned home was "Please forgive me!"

I have to say my husband handled this amazingly well. Normally he would get irate. Have a burst of anger. No not today. He was calm. He looked at the damage without a word. Inside he simply said, "Don't think that wasn't a big deal." I explained. He listened. Then he said "Your punishment is to post what happened on the blog." For all to see. Including pictures. So there it is folks. I screwed up. And my hubby forgave me. Now here's the pictures:
(I tried five times. Blogger pictures is not cooperating...will try again later.)

So free sale, fish, flip flops and forgiveness, now you know THE REST OF THE STORY!


Kristina at Learn2Luv2Run said...

Sounds like the "sale" went great! I'll have to do that sometime!

Wendy said...

Glad it went so well!