Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Cry of My Garden

Over at Owlhaven there is a post on the most beautiful garden in America. It is her very own. So I went out to take a look at mine and I am sure I heard it crying. It was very, very sad. Weeds so thick it was hard to find the "real" plants. So I took some picture and sent them to Mary at Owlhaven. She sent back some encouragement that it was not to late for my plants. So feeling some conviction I went out to fight for my garden. After one hour of striaght work I am please with what I accomplished. The garden is feeling much better now. It made me promise to come back again tomorrow.


AFTER: Squash and watermelon. The plant closest to you I thought I had lost them all. What a surprise to find one still alive.

DS helped dig up the mean deep rooted weeds.


AFTER: My tomoato plants. Still some work to be done there.

Here is the before of my green pepper plant. Tomorrow I will make her happy.

While I was working the kids played in the pool.


knittindaisy said...

i know how you feel.
my flower gardens are screaming in desperation for attention. :oD
i've had the chance to clean one out from under the weeds. i'm sure i'll be able to get to them all by the end of summer.

Gina Conroy said...

My hubby does a great job taking care of our landscaping and this year I convinced him to take care of our garden. Now if I can just get him inside for some real cleaning.

owlhaven said...

That looks great! Good for you!! In all honesty, though, I have to say, my husband and kids do most of the work in 'my' garden. I mostly just wander around finding camera angles that don't show the weeds too much! grin

Oh. and I cook and can the produce! Don't I have a sweet deal?


Anonymous said...

I had to laugh as I read this blog! There is hope that at least one of my children will discover the joy of a growing, beautiful garden.I have always used the time in the garden to reflect and pray. And when I weed-I imagine that each weed is something negative or distasteful in my life-being thrown away too! Try and use your time in the garden to commune with God's wonderful world.Love you,Mom

Friend said...

I so can't keep a garden! Lots more strength than me! I would have sat there and said, "Hmmmmm....Wimbledon's on....forget the weeding!" HA--oh wait....that's over now, I would have had to think of something else! I have a brown thumb....not a green one!

Good luck cleaning it up! The pics look GREAT...that is.....the weeded areas! :))