Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mother/Son Laser Tag

Our homeschool Co-op arranged the best mother/son date yesterday. Laser Tag!
The boy and I had so much fun. There were nearly 50 families that participated.

Since there were so many families they were divided into three groups and rotated through three stations.
Laser Tag

We happened to be in group 2 and we happened to be with most of our friends.
To start off we were in Games, mother/son bingo. There were boy items(dinosaurs, squirt gun) and there were mom items(nail polish, lipstick). If you got a bingo, you got a token for the game room. Added bonus: the markers were m&ms.

Then we were off to round one of laser tag. Challenge: Boys protect your mom. The team with the least hits on mom won. We found a good spot and camped out. My back to the wall and defending through the slits in the wall. The boy protecting the opening getting anyone that came by. I was hit 14 times before my gun died about 2 minutes before the end of the game. We ended up with second place for this challenge.

Then it was refreshments and game room. Really this was breakfast for me as I forgot to eat before heading out the door.

With first rotation complete it was back to games. The boys were challenged in how well do you know your mother? They were asked 13 questions about their moms that they had to answer. Like when is her birthday, her favorite drink, how many brothers and sisters does she have? My boy got 9 right. Not too shabby.

Laser Tag part two: Moms vs the boys. We had 17 moms and 23 boys. The boys were hysterical planning their attack. Intimidation. The boys quickly developed a conquer and hold stradegy where we camped out near both bases and defended it with the best of communication. Much to the boys dissapointment...THE MOMS WON!

In the game room at the close of the event my boy cashed in some allowance money and played a few games.

Tickets are good.

We challenged each other to a basketball shoot-out. I won!

Bumper Cars.

Mom and son...

Good times!


Anet said...

What a fun day! I would love to play laser tag's the warrior spirit in me:)
Is this the laser tag by the Lansing Mall?

momteacherfriend said...

Anet-Yes it is! It was so much fun. I am sure your boy would love it. Tuesday nights are discounted for $4 a game.