Saturday, March 28, 2009

Delightful Day

With the weather in the 50's we decided to make the most of the it yesterday.

First stop, Fenner. We fed the birds, helped arrange some tanks and chatted with visitors. Down on the pond the turtles were sunning themselves and we found one green frog, our first of the year.

Then it was off to the Dairy Farm to see Miley. My how she has grown, she is 11 months old today.
Now at the heifer barn, she came right up to us when we arrived at the gate and called her name. I truly think she recognizes our voice. It is only a matter of seconds until she is licking us, which she did again repeatedly yesterday.

After the Dairy Farm, we headed over to the MSU butterfly garden. We put three quarters in the meter, which granted us 30 minutes. The kids love exploring the Butterfly garden. Here is what we found on this trip.
A pineapple

A tree frog

And a friendly butterfly that loved my nieces shirt.

An absolutely delightful day!

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