Thursday, March 26, 2009

Field Trips

Field trips; I love them!!!
There is something about getting out of the classroom and exploring real life experiences. I find it to be irresistible.
Over the last few days I have been setting up some field trips for this Spring. So exciting I tell ya.
Here is what we have planned:
MSU Butterfly Garden- The butterflies have arrived.
MSU- Dairy and Horse farm- Spring babies
Alpaca Sheering
Greenfield Village- Pioneer life
Turtlebee Farm- Bee Keeping class
Point Mouillee- Bird watching; shore birds Spring migration
Meijer Garden Butterfly- Beautiful horticulture and thousands of butterflies.
John Ball Zoo in GR
Possible Toledo Zoo
and of course many, many trips to Fenner. :)

I was taking to someone this morning about field trips and was reminded of this awesome guide I came across a couple of years ago. The Field Trip Guide put together by the Ingham County Office for Young Children. It has many places to visit right here in Ingham County. Even if you don't live in teh area you may find that it sparks some ideas for visiting places in your neck of the woods. Enjoy!

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Anet said...

These are great trips!
We just went to Greenfield in October. We had a wonderful time!
We did the village one day and the next morning we went to the Henry Ford Museum.

I'll have to check out the Field Trip Guide, thanks.