Friday, June 20, 2008

With That Done...

We can flee the country.
Well, not really flee. Just take a little trip across the border.
For awhile now, I have been wanting to write up an official custody paper in the event of my death. So yesterday I did just that. I wrote out who would get our kids. With their consent of course. Wouldn't it be rather tragic if you had been willed kids to care for but you never knew it. Thankfully, I have loving friends that are the greatest. They are WILLING to provide to love and care for our kids if we should leave this earth before they are grown.
After writing it up, I then made three copies and had them notarized. So it's official. I will state it here should there ever be any discrepancies. In the event of our death our kids will get all of our property and possessions under the guardianship of Mindy. She will make all decisions regarding their inheritance. She will raise them until age 18. She will welcome family request for visitation. That's the basics of the arrangement.

Now, I may really meander over the border. But don't worry I have every intentions of coming back. Alive.


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We just had to do this too when we left for Israel. It feels good to have such good friends!