Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Sharing of Dreams

Dreams. Some remember them for hours after they dream them. Others they are gone within seconds of their eyes opening. Little girl currently has a thing for dreams. Every morning this last week she has come to me and told me what she dreamed about. I have to say this a very cherished time to me right now. To get glimpses into her mind, her interpretations and her values.
I recently read the book, The Giver, by Loise Lowery. A very thought provoking book! In it the family had a sharing of dreams while eating breakfast every morning. All dreams must be shared, even the most embarrassing. And after the telling the others reply, "Thank you for sharing." In the book the philosophy behind the practice was interesting to say the least but it got me thinking.
Dreams. Fragments of real life. Whirled with fantasy. The working out of emotions. Favorite memories relived. God speaking. Craziness. Sometimes practical.
I loved little girls dream this morning. Even though she told me not that long ago, details are already fading. She was spelling. I was saying words to her and she was spelling. Her brother was involved. Emotionally she was happy, satisfied and proud.
I asked her what word she was spelling and she answered. "Cat."
Then she spelled it for me. Which led to more words and her giving me words to spell.
For fifteen minutes we did words. Spelling them, sounding them out, rhyming them. It was precious.
All because she shared a dream.

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