Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Stanley Cup Marathon Game

Donned in red my son, husband and I settled in for a highly anticipated 5th game.
The boy took a nap in the afternoon so that he would be able to stay up for the whole game. Little did we know that the whole game would go into the next day and beyond.
Halfway through the first overtime the boy excused himself to bed. He fought so hard to stay up, stretching out on the couch and glancing up every now and then to watch the action.
At the end of the first overtime, my husband and I were both fading fast. He looks at me and said, "Wake me up when play is back on." I woke up myself halfway through the second overtime. My contacts were beginning to gum up and I was struggling to keep my eyes open. I finished watching 2 OT and then resumed my catnap status. Start of the 3rd OT I did my best to keep my eyes open. The game was great. The result disappointing. As the Pittsburgh Penguins scored on a Power Play. Which I was awake to see. I woke hubby up with the score. He disappointedly gathered his stuff and made it to bed.
I am one tired girl this morning.

Let's Go Redwings!

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Rochelle said...

I must admit I haven't watched a hockey game in a few years. I used to go to the games a lot in San Diego. And a few years back I went to a Blue's playoff game... our seats were nearly on the ice and it was great!!!