Saturday, May 03, 2008

Too Many Choices

Last night I went to INCH, the main home school conference in our state. Row upon row of vendors offering everything you can imagine for schooling a child and many things I would never have
dreamed of. As I shared in my Epiphany post, I am wanting to use more books. Living books are what they are called. Books that are alive, that become part of the reader. I am completely, 100% on board with literature and real life experience for Science and History. Where my struggle lies is with Language Arts. I have seen some wonderful options for using literature for all your curriculum except Math. Fabulous books and journals. Now, I need to make a decision. Will I use my faithful BJU or will I step out of my comfort zone and go with something new?
Even I don't know at this point. Stay tuned...

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Wendy said...

I'm going to ours next month and it is always overwhelming, even if I pretty much know what I want.

Looking forward to hearing your choices.