Friday, May 23, 2008

Hike to Cedar Sink

Another guided hike my mom and I went on, was to Cedar Sink. Around this area there are many sink holes where water enters into the cave. One never knows where a sink may appear so you need to be careful in these parts. The hike to the sink was very beautiful and informative. The guide talked about the native trees and plants. Identifying flowers as we went along. The closer we got we descended upon some spectacular ledges. This area was truly beautiful and worth the hike. If you visit the area and are into nature, I recommend taking this hike.

Cedar Sink. You can see the pile up of branches. Right near this is where the water enters the cave.

I saved my mother's life, as she was about to fall into this nearby sink. It was a one foot path and she slipped. I grabbed a hold of her and helped her to get her footing. She is forever grateful. She says she would have been sucked into the cave, if I hadn't been there. I think she would have free fallen for 5-10 feet and then I would have pulled her back up. But I am thankful it was much less dramatic than that. This was past the Cedar Sink but near the cave opening.

300 feet from the Cedar Sink is a natural cave opening. It has been barred off so entry into the cave is not permitted but the view was cool. To get to it I had to climb a steep hill. It was worth it. Going back down the hill was slow and steady.

A view from the top near the cave opening.

Fire Pink, a pretty red, star-shaped flowers growing on a ledge. We saw this all over in Kentucky.

A centipede. I saw three during the hike. This picture here is actual size.

Nearing the end of our Mammoth Cave Adventure.
Still to come, The Ferry over Green River and our visit with Miss Sue.

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