Friday, May 23, 2008

Around the Cottage

The Woodland Cottage across the parking lot from the Visitor Center at Mammoth Caves was where we called home for the weekend. A cute four bedroom cottage, it was perfect for the four families we had in our group. No heat, A/C, phone or TVs, that was what we knew. So we had visions of rustic and decapitated buildings in our head. We were pleased to find, spacious clean rooms, refrigerators, coffee maker and two bathrooms WITH showers. Not to mention the price was right. I would recommend it to anyone planning a visit.

My dad's camera takes the best shots. We got some cute ones of the kids.
Little Girl

My boy and Jac

The baby

There is a picnic area right behind the cottages. We had an awesome picnic on Saturday night. My boy found some abandoned coals and nurtured them until he got a fire going. I love that he has these life skills and knows how to do things like this safely. A couple nights later he taught a 30 year old how to start a campfire...(grin)

Hubby and I at the picnic

While around the cottage we pulled the chairs outdoors and enjoyed the birds and creatures that flitted through. Of particular interest was the cicada. They were hatching left and right.

We also enjoyed bike riding. The boys were hardly around the cottage as they were off romping on bikes. I took a group on a crazy bike ride that I would rather not talk about. OK maybe I will a bit. Do not take bikes down Flint Ridge. Down is incredibly AWESOME, going back up....not so much. If you must have a car waiting for you at the bottom.

More adventures to come...

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