Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cave City

After our first cave your we decided to head into Cave City. My kids have been wanting to go horse back riding for a very long time. Why not go on our trip and see some beautiful country side at the same time?

The Kentucky Action Park is where we decided to go. My husband had to laugh at the sign, KY Action Park. He opted out of the horse back riding but saw us off.

My girlfriend and her daughter went with us. Little girl rode with me and the boy got to ride his own.
Here's Homer on his horse, Chief. The boy did really well.

Little girl and I got AJ, short for Apple Jacks, he was an eater. He made every opportunity to get at leaves, weeds and grass. He also took us on the high rode and than ran back down the ledge. He was a feisty guy.

The guide led us along the Kentucky country side, through muddy red clay, up hills and through the grass. We saw heron, ducks, hawks and truly lovely landscape.

I lost my cell phone on the ride, but the guide found it an hour later. We picked it up on our way to dinner. :)

After the ride, hubby joined us as we went down the Alpine Slide. To get to it, we rode a chair lift up to the top of the hill. Then we raced each other down. Fun stuff. A highlight for the boy.
Once I find my camera, currently MIA, I will post some pics from the Slide.

While a bit pricey, The Action Park was a hit for the whole family. Everyone had a great time.

In the evening of day one we went to the Guided program at the amphitheater. The title of the presentation was Caves of the World. The photography was stunning. The information just as interesting. Well worth it.
So there you have Day One of our trip...still more to follow...

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