Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happy 4th Birthday, Sweet Girl

Sweet Girl,

How can it be that you are 4?

You never fail to amaze me. This year you learned to ride your bike without training wheels. Not many three year olds can do that. You also climb your brothers firemens pole and you are almost up the tree in the front yard. You can swing all by yourself, pumping those legs until your soaring. You still love underdogs. I love your sweet smile and your giggles when your are on the swing. You are very active. You like to run and play. You did your very first triathlon, just yesterday. Amazing I tell ya.

It seems that you always have a song in your heart. You sing and dance your way through everyday. You can turn the simplest sentence into a song. All this week you have been singing about a beautiful butterfly in the sky. You can dance. You are very selective who you will dance for. But when you let loose, those hips are just a shakin'. I believe the Lord has blessed you with musical abilities and I pray that you will be able to use them for the Lord's glory.

This year in school you are at the table for most of our school time. You love to learn or more accurately, you like to know what brother knows and keep up with him. You know your days of the week, shapes and colors. You can count to 50 without fail. You recognize all numbers to 10 and most of your letters. You spell and write your name. You enjoy puzzles. You LOVE to read, make up silly rhymes and tell stories. Your imagination is the best. Most of your stories start with, "Once upon a time there was a name named ...."

In play you spend a lot of time with your babies. You tend to pick one each day that goes pretty much everywhere with you. Today your new birthday Barbie got to go to your party and you fed her pizza and showed her everything there was to see. You melted my heart when you put her on the Merry-Go-Round on the horse as you stood next to her. You are going to be the best mommy when you get big.

You love to play Webkinz. You have a bunny, pony and a new kitty. The other day you signed yourself into your webkinz and were so proud of yourself. You love that you can dress your animals and cook for them. You know how to do all the daily activities. That's because you are one amazing kid.

I think I tell you everyday how much I love you. I love your kisses and hugs. I love how you scratch my back and tickle me. I love when you pray. I love when you give me your big smile. You fill my life with joy. I love that you love Jesus and made him your Lord. I love you sweet girl.

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