Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dog Whisper Update

Day 2-
The walk.
Today I used the no-pull harness. Hallaluia! This morning I woke up with an extremely sore neck and shoulder blade. I thought to myself, "Wow, we really worked our neck in core class last night." That was until we headed out for our walk. Instantly I knew it was from the pulling straining during yesterday's walk. Goodness. The no-pull harness made the lead a bit longer. To maintain control and keep her behind or at my side, I held the leash with my left hand behind my back as she walked on my right. This worked well. When I needed to correct it was quick and efficiant and I made sure I had her attention.
Other dogs.
She ignored the other dogs today. No barking. Hallaluia! She whimpered as we passed the first one. But no bark, we sat. Commanded quiet. Then continued on.
Completely ignored the cat sitting on the porch. Hallaluia!
Yesterday, we were stopping every other second. Making for an extremely long walk. Today we moved right along with a few corrections. Hallaluia!
The wind chimes.
It is rather windy today. When we came across some wind chimes she went crazy. She was completely anxious. She whimpered and barked. I made her sit, commanded quiet and settled her out before continuing. What is up with that?
Before coming in she sat passively on the porch. Before being fed she sat on command. There are times on the walk that I had to force her to sit but by the end she did so willingly at first request. Deep sigh and Hallaluia!

I keep reminding myself consistency.

I may not be the Dog Whisper but I know I learned a few things from him. YEAH!!!

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