Wednesday, October 24, 2007

God in the Midst of Stress

It is evident to me that God is with us in times of stress and turmoil.

You see my dear friend Kelli experienced a house fire a little over a week ago. Her kitchen caught fire while cooking. Unable to contain it, she woke her husband up to see what he could do. Meanwhile she got her three kids and herself out of the house. Oh and the dogs too. Her husband was able to get it out with the fire extinguisher and the fire department came to make sure it was completely under control. Their kitchen was destroyed and soot covered the whole first floor. But Praise God they were all safe.

And here is how God was in their midst. That week was fire safety at her DD1 Preschool. Her DS had gone to a fire department that week. Both knew to stay calm and listen to mom. They calmly followed her out of the house. She was able to grab a blanket for the baby and the leashes for the dog. Everyone was at peace. I don't know if I could say that for myself or my family in that same situation. God has been with them every step, secondary shelter, claims, contractors, the insurance company. They will need to completely remodel their kitchen but this will only take a couple of weeks and they will be back in the house. GOD IS GOOD and has provided for them above and beyond what they ever imagined.

I found myself in a stressful situation this weekend. After months of preparation and meetings we found ourselves wondering if the numbers to continue on with the weekend would come in. Would we cancel or continue on with the weekend? It was a huge question. A certain number had been set by a board of directors and we found ourselves SOO CLOSE to that number but we were still short. After praying about it, I had perfect peace with the decision to cancel. It was a lot of work calling every one that needed to be informed of the cancellation but through it all, I felt like God had a plan, a purpose and it was good. He gave me strength and a joy to make those calls. He was with me.

In my daily life when my son challenges me during school. I know that God is with me. Now if I would remember more often to pray in this situation. It could be less stressful.

Funny the kids bible verse for Sunday school this week.
Psalm 73:23
You are always with me.


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Craig L. Adams said...

My experience has been that I need to pray until I arrive at a feeling of peace & calmness. It's nice to hear that that is what happened in the case of having to cancel the Flight.