Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ya Gotta Press On

About 100 yards into my swim I thought to myself, "You have only just begun." I ran as far as I could into the water and begin to set my pace. I could not find a good breathing pattern. People in front, behind and beside me. Breathing funktified from the run in. I struggled to find my rhythm. Out in open water I had a few choices before me. Turn around. Head for the paddle boat. Tread water. Back stroke. Or press on. I decided to press on. I fought to move forward. I rolled over and back stroked for a bit and realized I was making more progress this way so continued that way to the second buoy. After passing it, I rolled back over and pressed on.
Out of the water I ran up the hill to the transition area. Clicking on the helmet and putting on my shoes I was ready to go on. It took the first mile to catch my breathe and I eased into a nice bike ride. Having forgotten my bike computer at home I just kept pushing myself to keep at it. Just before the end of the course there was a hill that had me pumping and again out of breathe.
Coming in on the bike I took off my helmet, slipped on my running cap and was off. It took the first mile to catch my breathe and then it was a really good run. The last felt better than the first. As we headed into the woods I thought it was a quick jog in the woods. It kept going and going, turns out it was MUCH more in the woods than I originally thought. I pressed on.
As I rounded the bend of that final mile I took off in a sprint. I knew I had made it, I knew I had finished what I set out to accomplish and it was all because I had pressed on.
In my life right now there are things that have me questioning if I will ever make it. Well I ever conquer this house? Some days I feel so defeated I just want to turn around and forget it. Other days I feel like I am just hanging on to the life boat. Some days there is progress and other days I may just be treading water. I need to press on. Someday, hopefully soon, I will accomplish that which I have set out to do but only if I press on.


mommyofangels said...

Congradulations! You made it.

AnonymousMom said...

An important sentiment, not just in athletic pursuits. Again, congrats!

Dad said...

Tis a far far better thing you do .... than I will ever do again.

Irritable Mother said...

Congratulations on accomplishing your goal. (And in a faster time than you'd hoped. Impressive!)
You had me laughing at the statements about "it took the first mile to catch my breath." I was nearly out of breath just reading about this adventure!
I love how you see the challenges and the need to press on in this event as lessons for all of life. You are a wise woman. Press on!