Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer Session

Summer in our home is in FULL EFFECT. We are having a blast geocaching, canoing, swinging off ropes and picnics galore. We are spending more time outdoors than indoors which is exactly how I like it.
While we are living it up summer style I do not want to the kids to lose skills during the break. My solution is "Skill of the day!" Each morning after breakfast I have a simple task for the kids to complete. It could take 2 minutes or 10 depending on their focus.

Tasks thus far have included:
Read a sentence I laid out using sight word cards. Write the sentence in notebook and draw a picture to show comprehension.
Spelling words and writing date
Math worksheet
Handwriting practice sheet
Read early reader

For little girl:
Counting to 30
Basic letter trace
Singing phonic songs
Ordering numbers 1-9
Days of the week
Matching shapes

What I like about it...
It allows them to sharpen skills without huge time restraints.
I can tailor it each day so over a weeks time we can touch a variety of subjects.
I can see what skills need work and where they are excelling.
The kids don't complain because it is not burdensome to do one of anything.
Sometimes they ask for more stuff to do (usually little girl.)
Shows learning is important and you should never stop learning.
Easy way to introduce new concepts.
Being in the morning they know that the day ahead is theirs once completed.
It is super easy to come up with one thing.
It can be done on vacation or during sleepovers.

While we focus on a skill in the morning, I know that learning is taking place all day as we explore our world and play. Hope you are enjoying your summer! We most definitely are.

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AnonymousMom said...

Great ideas! We're doing similar things as we ease into this whole homeschooling thing. I definitely like the idea of doing it in the morning and having the rest of the day free.