Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tooth of a Tale

Yesterday I noticed the boy's tooth was getting looser as it had descended and was wiggling much more than before. I figured within the week he would lose it. Hubby and I had a meeting to attend last night. When we returned I noticed the tooth sitting next the the bathroom sink. Interesting...he lost it sooner than I expected but not a real surprise. Hubby and I decide to give him $5 on his pillow. We don't "do" tooth fairy but we do give him cash. Usually we have been present for the occasion and hand it over shortly after. Anyway, I climb up the ladder to his loft and place the $5 on his pillow. This morning I wake him to take his dad to work and tell him to look on his pillow. He finds the cash and asks what it's for. I point to my teeth and he smiles. Lays back down and examines the bill with a cute grin on his face. Then dad calls out to look again. What??? Nothing on top of the pillow, he looks under, another $5. Apparently hubby thinks loosing teeth is a big deal. But ten dollars. Then the kid mentions that his aunt stopped by to pay him for house sitting, another $10. He then runs off to get his save envelope in which he had $12. His grin went to a full blown smile when he realized that he had $32. He put it all back in his envelope. I have no idea what he wants to spend it on or if he will continue to save it.
Later I got the story of how it came out. He was chewing on a yoyo string and when he pulled it out it got caught on his tooth and pulled it out in the process. Inadvertently he tried something similar to his grandpa. Whom tied a string to the tooth and a door. Anyway, tooth is out, the kid is rich.

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