Saturday, October 10, 2009

What's an Atlatl???

That's what I was thinking when we pulled into the parking lot of the historical museum. My nephew had wondered if an atlatl would be at Archaeology Day. As much as I love words I don't think I had ever heard of an atlatl, ever. Remarkably, there were atlatls at the event and the guys had a blast trying them out.
Oh and for the record an atlatl is a tool used to propel a dart(spear)

I admit I tried it out too. But my throws were terribly lacking.

When we went inside we visited the old times games room where we made Sawbuzzers. Take a button and a piece of string and soon you will have over an hour of simple fun.

While at Archaeolgy Day we saw many interesting things. Talked to interesting people.
My personal favorite was this guy.

He hand crafts ALL of his own hunting tools. Arrowheads, spears, baskets...all sorts of amazing things.
Like these arrowheads. Yep. He made them.

With said tools he has successfully hunted deer, squirrel, rabbit, coyote and carribou. Amazing!

Currently in our local theater the free kids movie of the week is Night at the Museum 2. Last night hubby took the boy to see it. Just in time to come across this...

Hey there Jedidiah.

After touring the museum, we headed back out to the atlatls. And my nephew scored this kill.

Needless to say, the atlatl was the biggest hit of Archaeology Day for the boys. They are trying to see if they can make their own. Thanks to wikihow..perhaps they will.

There you have it our morning at Archaeology Day. Soon to come- Our evening at Crane Fest.

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