Saturday, July 05, 2008


Yesterday we had a fabulous Fourth. Our friends invited us out to their hanger for a cook out and a trip up in the plane. There were many little girls and ours was delighted to have so many friends to play with. Super cute.

The boy bowled a 136 at his Summer Camp. This is over 50 points above his average. He got a spare, strike, strike all in a row. Can we say...super excited?

The kids are really into picnics and obstacle courses. Nearly every day this last week, they set up a picnic in the front yard and make up little games to play. Casting into a plastic pool, Frisbee golf, bike races and more, their creativity has been endless. Summer fun and movement, works for me.

I am without a camera ands it makes me very sad.

We went to see Miley on Wednesday. She has moved up to the 2 month old barn. She got her ear tag with her name written on it so know everyone will know who she is. Miley is so friendly, every time we go she comes right up to us and for some reason she loves to lick my arm. Anyone wanting to meet her, we would love to join you on a trip to the Dairy Farm. She is growing so fast and she is still super cute.

We saw the Lansing Peregrine falcons. At least one of the adults both resting and in flight. From the Morris River Park in Lansing look across the way at the building that supports the towers. On the East side is where the nest is, although it itself is pretty tucked away. You can tell the spot by the white poop marks sprayed on the side of the building. They had a successful hatch this year with 5 babies. They should be fledging any day. So if you have some time this next week, head down to the river, you may be able to catch a sight of the babies first flight.

I am attempting to organize my housework, by creating a list of chores for each day of the week. My husband has been recommending this for a long time. I finally made a plan, we will see if I can stick to it. If I can it should help a lot.

Little girl said "thank you" to our pilot friend after the plane ride. It was delayed and took some cajoling but she did it. Celebrating tiny victories along the way.

Today we our working on our laundry room. Completely gutting it, washing all the clothes, building a cabinet to store linens and other supplies. Organizing as we go. This project is LONG overdo.

Hubby was home ALL of June! And he is still home. With only one remaining travel date set we may actually be seeing the end of it. Yippee!

I am reading the book Educating the Whole Hearted Child by Clay and Sally Clarkson. Excellent book. This is also the book that I am doing a book discussion with some other moms from our home school co-op. It has been very helpful. I will have to post more in depth of what all I have been learning and how I plan to use that info.

I guess that's all for now...have a happy and safe weekend. Happy Birthday America!

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