Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In Which I Exhale

This has been the craziest month!
Bids, appraisal, to-do lists, caring for kids, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning, pondering on curriculum, preliminary planning for the school year, cooking, talking to contractors, tearing down the old shed, letting go of clutter and the memories that stuff holds, and have I mentioned cleaning!
And now, now I can breathe.
Yesterday was the pivotal point in which the appraisal was completed, materials for the garage were purchased and the building permit was approved. Did I mention that yesterday was also the beginning of VBS in which I am teaching a Kindergarten class? Or that hubby is on a 10 day business trip so I had to do ALL the finalization for the garage? Or that I had a meeting an hour away in the evening? Which meant I was going non-stop from 6am-10pm. Thankfully I had two lovely ladies help me with the kiddos yesterday after VBS and God amazingly worked out all the little details.
So today I am one very grateful person.
Contractors will be here today to begin work. I have nothing more to clean in my house. And I get to enjoy 20 delightful 4 and 5 year olds at VBS.
Here is a before picture...notice the shed is gone!

Praying for safety of my family and the workers as big equipment will be on our property and my kiddos are very curious.

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Jess said...

Hope VBS goes well, and that you get to rest soon.

Can't wait to see everything when it's competed.

Have a great week.