Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Garage Update

The workers have been plugging away and are making some great progress on the garage.
It has walls, and a roof, the windows and side door are in and it looks like a garage. Yeah!
Today they will slap up the shingles and tomorrow they will do all the siding. From there we have concrete and hanging the doors. The electrical well be a few weeks as our electrician is going on a mission trip out of the country. I am more than willing to wait as I know he will be a blessing as he shares the gospel. So it looks like by the end of the week all construction will be complete. and we will have our garage. Yippee!

This is what it looked like as of last night.


Jess said...

Looking nice...I bet you will be gald when it's get finished.

Kellie said...

Looks good. Hey come over on Fri for a bonfire. Dont bring anything We will have dinner for you.

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

makin progress

learner said...

looks nice tried calling again you must be really busy.