Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Date Night

Last night our small group was canceled due to sickness and wanting to prevent the spread of anything gunky. So hubby and I found ourselves with a sitter and we did not want to cancel on her too. What do you do when you have an unexpected date? Well, if you are two currently health minded individuals, you hit the gym. Hubby had missed his morning workout so he was more than willing to spend the night lifting weights. I had my weight lifting class in the morning and she kicked our booties. I settled for cardio on the elliptical machine. Nothing gets my heart rate going like the elliptical. I found that going in the forward motion kills the chins but going backwards it is a pleasant workout. It was fun watching hubby workout. He is in incredible shape right now. His strength is up. His fat is down. In the last year he has slimmed down tremendously. He looks good. Real good. And it was cool to see him in this part of his world. Usually we workout seperately due to schedules and childcare.
So maybe a date to the gym is not for everyone but it worked for us.

Have you had any dates that were not the norm? I would love to hear about it.


Mindy Richmond said...

Well, we sorta had a date last night. We went to Babies R Us and registered for baby stuff. Not very exciting but it was a bit surreal. I had doubts for so long that we would ever get pregnant so I was not quite prepared for this kind of experience. I have to know, do babies really need all that stuff? Did our great-grandparents have to register for gifts? I bet they didn't have half the things that are available to us now. I just got my house decluttered to my liking and now we have to fill it all back up again. Ugh.

Oh, but it was fun hanging out with Mike anyway. The fun of the scanning gun wore off for him after about 10 minutes but he stuck it out for another hour. He's such a trooper.

Anonymous said...

I personally would love to go workout with my hubby. Sounds fun! We both desire to be able to workout, but with me going back to school and him starting his own business, it is already hectic. I just have to remember the little things I can do at not eat all day long...LOL.

I find it kinda hard to decide what to do when we do have date nights, we are so out of the loop of hanging out it is weird! We have the whole day to ourselves on Sunday, I wonder what we will do!

Vanessa said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I liked your entry and now feel better about being paranoid to take my baby out in the sick world,

do you go to worldview?

Sarah Smith said...

My husband and I had nothing but strange dates, for the most part. He's stationed in Texas and I'm stationed in Alaska, so we did lots of dates over X-Box. Sounds odd, I know, and it is, but it is pretty cool, too. X-Box live has a dashboard function that you can use to just talk to people, so we'd set up a private dashboard to talk. Usually we'd also watch a movie - we'd say "Three, two, one, go!" and start a DVD at the same time. It was fun, and silly, and unusual, but that's us in a nutshell. You can do the long-distance-movie-dates over the phone, too, but X-Box was so much cheaper.

We've definitely done the gym dates, too - lots of fun.