Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I do not know how many times we proclaimed that this evening. Many, yes, many times.
Today I ordered my science stuff from Steve Spangler Science, and needless to say I was excited! Very, very excited. Then I reopened an email I got from them today and it had some great ideas in it. And since I was already in a science mood, I decided to try some.
Do you have a potato in your house? How about a drinking straw? Go get Ok? Ready? Take the straw and stab it through your potato. If you have a bendable straw, it is ok to cut off the bend. Are you amazed yet?
Then I tried to balance two forks on a glass with a toothpick. It can be done but I was unsucessful tonight.
Then we poured some milk onto a plate added food coloring (a drop of each color) near the middle of the plate. Taking a q-tip we put it in the middle and noticed what happened. Then we put dish soap on the q-tip and let out a woohoo.
Not wanting to stop there...we got out an egg from the fridge did a little balancing act on a cardboard circle from a frozen pizza then SMACK dropped the egg into some water. OH YES IT WAS COOL!!!
After all Science is so cool!

Wondering the trick to get that straw to go through the potato? Wonder why the dish soap had the reaction it did? Wondering how to get more information so you can do these experiments yourself and the science behind them? Go here!

Let me know what you think.
Sorry no pictures we were having too much fun to remember that we owned a camara.

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Anonymous said...

We tried the straw in the potato experiment. Very cool! I couldn't believe it when I read it so I went to the store to purchase some potatoes to give it a try. It works. Science is cool!

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