Monday, August 21, 2006

Wild At Heart

I have heard from friends, various teachings from the book over the last couple years. Last week my husband had a trip to Florida in which he listened to the audio book, Wild at Heart. There was a lot of things he got out of the book. Many things he had been doing were confirmed. DS and DH have an awesome relationship. Most nights I find the two of them wrestling around, one or the other in a headlock. Smiles on their faces. They joke in ways I do not understand. And for the most part they speak the same language and all is well.
After camping last weekend, DS proclaimed that he wanted a fishing pole and that he was saving his money to buy a new one. The kid has had his share of kid fishing poles and for one reason or another they always seem to die near the end of the year. So he wanted a new fishing pole. Not a kid pole. A real pole. And he set aside a sum of money to accomplish it. I tell you, when he has a goal; HE WILL MEET HIS GOAL.
So dad comes home from his trip. First stop the sporting goods store. Among their spoils: a sling shot, marbles, a fishing pole and a fishing hat. They came home, all smiles, set up a target in the backyard and went to slinging. DS steps up to the spot, put the marble in the jacket. DH starts to give him instructions on how to do it. DS cuts him short and says "I know dad." He aims, fires and hits the pole of the target. OK! Beaming smile, dad praises his shot. So the kid did have an idea how to do it. You see my sons bible hero has been for years, David. At age two he would do reinactments of the story of David and Goliath. "This battle belongs to the Lord." I have been shot down by imaginary rocks more times than I can count. So here stands my boy. With a real sling shot. Living out his dream to be like David from the bible. Not always hitting the mark but knowing that with pratice he could someday strike down a lion, or a bear or a gaint.
In the evening our whole family went out to the river for the baptism of the fishing line. The dog splashed about the water. Going deep to swim. The boys went about baiting the hook, casting, waiting and reeling it back in. They found the sweet spot and got a few fish. DS was bursting. I love it when my son smiles with his eyes. This is what he did all weekend. Can we say love tank full? Can we say the wild at heart fullfilled? I can say it was a precious weekend for my hubby and my son.
It ended like this. I went to bed, then I heard laughter in the hall. Hubby called me out to see. My son was in the bathroom. Kneeling on the counter. He was buzzing his head with the clippers. His dad put him up to it. My son had asked if he could cut his hair again. So his dad handed him over the clippers. It was quite a scene. Thankfully dad finished the work. Who knows what those boys will be up to next? Probably something wild!


Wendy said...

How wonderful to have a Dad to do things like that with him. My son is the same way..he loves fishing with Dad and dreams of being like David!

Kristina at Learn2Luv2Run said...

Oh that sounds SO great Sarah.

Bek said...

wow, David. what a role model for you son to have chose!! a true worshipper, who desired one thing, to dwell in the house of the Lord all of his days, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to seek Him in His temple. blessings to your son and to you and your family.