Thursday, August 10, 2006

Next Free Sale

Hello Mid Michigan
Another free sale is now scheduled. Friday August 25, 9-4
Contributions welcome! Email for details.
Happy cleaning.


Mindy Richmond said...

Sweet! I've already got a collection going.

knittindaisy said...

Awesome!! I have one small pile going and now the motivation to clean out that kitchen closet.

Gina Conroy said...

I've been cleaning house too, but my hubby hates garage type sales and told me "What's the point of a free sale? Why not just donate it to charity and get a tax write off?"

I guess he doesn't quite get it.:)

Kellie said...

Kewl. Today My mom and I were driving around and we stopped at a yard sale. A cute elderly couple were hosting it and I had been looking for a specific thing. I asked them if they had one and he said I'm sure we have a few of those in the house and we could give up one. He went in and found the exact thing I wanted. Just like my grandmas was. Then he had this movie I love, "The Ghost and Mrs. Muier." I only had $.66 and he said with a chuckel. "Sold." I just flet like talking to them and mentioned the free sale we had. He said, "Hey, I think I got a pair of shoes there." Then he said the exact town and I knew he was there. He said now we were even. Kewl.

Anonymous said...

I have some things also...some toys and clothes...can I just bring them over some evening before the sale or would it be better the day of the sale?


momteacherfriend said...

Contributions can be brought over the week of the sale. If you want to bring stuff the morning of that is fine too.

Gina- I understand the tax write-off. I am sure there will still be a contribution at the end of the sale to account for a tax write-off. However the blessings from God FAR outway any tax deduction one could recieve. When you give to the charity pray God will use it to bless others.

Location of sale is NOT at my house so be sure to email me for specifics.