Friday, August 04, 2006


The Lord taught me a lesson this morning!
For the last couple of days a specific person has been on my mind. I felt like she was to be a part of a weekend I am responsible for. I was unclear as to how she was to serve. Back table or Table leader...auxilary?? I could not put my finger on it. This morning the Lord gave me a dream with this person in it. Long dream short; yes she was to serve. And the position she was to serve. At the close of the dream I was to call her, on her cell phone. I woke up. With excitement and enthusiasm I found her number. There was a home and a cell. Figuring she was still at home I called there first. A groggy voice answered, sounding less than she was not home. I should wait until 8 and call her on her cell was the suggestion. So I waited an hour then called her cell. She was up and recieved my call warmly. I was able to communicate what it was I needed to say. I apologized for waking up her mom. The kicker? She was on the road when I had the dream and had been driving that whole time I was waiting. If I had obeyed the her cell phone...I would have got her and not have disturbed the mom. Doh.

Those little details! They can be so important. Sometimes they are the difference between obedience and disobedience. Reading yesterday 1 Samuel 15:20 Saul says I did obey the Lord. Which he did follow the just of the command but he failed on obeying the details. He allowed the people to persuade him and as a result the Lord rejected him. This morning I allowed my own reasoning persuade me to call the house rather than the cell. Forgive me Lord. Lesson learned. Follow to the T the commands of the Lord. It may be the difference between life and death; rejection and protection.

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Hope everything went well. :-)