Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Potential Embarrassment

I had one of those moments today when you can see before it happens what is going to happen. The kids and I went to lunch at our favorite Mexican resturant. We were each given a water, the kids in styrofoam cups with lids. Thank you Lord! Then my son gets the great idea of lifting the side so he could sip out of it. The he started for his sisters. Um wait son, please do not do your sister's, she may spill it. I somehow KNEW she would spill it. Act commited, the lid now has a gapping hole on one side. YIKES! Two minutes later, if that, the spill happens, unfortunately ALL OVER ME. Not a splashed on your shirt, obvious it was a spill, kind of a spill. No a full frontal, looks like I pee'd my pants. My son gets a told you so look, I get an apology. I also got 20 minutes of sitting in ice cold water. A bit uncomfortable.
At the end of our meal, we got up, I paid the bill and we exited. Thankfully there was no choruses of laughter. No finger pointing. No I escaped unscathed. I canceled the trip to the library. I still had to go downtown to pay for the free sale ad. Thankfully they have large wall counters, and a empty lobby. A few people walked by and I just turned sideways. No one even knew. Well, know all of you know...oh well. Life goes on.

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mommyofangels said...

Sounds like an adventure.