Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I accepted Christ my Senior year of high school, right in the middle of it. I was selfish, mean to the guys, perhaps some of the girls as well. I was procrastinator of all procastinators. I was not timely. School came easily for me and I took it for granted. Study for a test, NAH, review last minute was sufficent. I somehow managed to graduate with honors with this mentality, only the Lord knows how.
On Monday night after a meeting, someone commented on how organized I was. I laughed. Out loud. Then I replied, "It is a work the Lord is doing, but I would not consider myself organized. Perhaps it is in preperation for homeschooling." As we left, Mindy and I had a great talk about changing. If I look back over the scan of 11 years of following Christ, I have changed tremendously. I don't think I can even accurately describe it. A few weeks ago, I prepared a talk for an upcoming weekend retreat. I talked about how God has used others in my life to bring me closer to Him. And how He uses me. After I presented it to the group, I looked around the room. many of the faces there have been a part of that influence. One of the ladies has known me since my freshman year, I mentioned how people there knew me from diferent times in my life. I said " Nikki knew me when I was still a heathen." To which she replied. "Oh yes, I remember making cookies with Sarah, praying, O Lord touch this girl." I laugh as I think about that.
Another person that knows me from that time in my life found out I was going to be leading this upcoming weekend. He said something along the lines of...Sarah, leading? Isn't that a lot of responsibilty, doesn't that take oraganization? Again I laugh. He knows me from back in the day. He is out of state now, so he does not see the me of today.
The truth is, I have become organized. Now my house may not be the cleanest or most organzied home, although this too has improved. Yet when it comes to planning, arranging, leading a group of people; I am finding, WOW, God has equipped me to do it. It has been a part of the change. Yes, it will benefit homeschooling. Even more so, I am seeing how it benefits the body of Christ. Amazing stuff this changing. How have you changed since you accepted Him?


Anonymous said...

Sarah - I knew you "back in the day" - same classes, I played flute, too, we graduated together (but have been out of touch since)... I laughed when I read your description of yourself because you could have been describing me back then, too. Isn't it nice to finally "grow up" - in maturity as well as spiritually? Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I visit your blog often (I kind of found it by chance) because I find your thoughts, your words, your insights funny and relevant and inspiring. Thank you so much for taking the time to post - you do more good than you probably realize. I'm currently a U.S. military officer serving in Djibouti, Africa - we're doing some amazingly good things for people in unfortunate circumstances. I'm far away from family and friends, so blogs like yours remind me of all the good things I have waiting for me when I return home. Sorry this was so long-winded.
Really, Sarah, thanks.

Jada's Gigi said...

Wow, the Lord has done soooo much in my life. i'm not at all the person I once was and i can't even begin to say all the changes. Someones blog today was about scarcasm...that was once a horrible fault of mine..harsh zinging scarcasm...not the cute funny kind,,,which I still am full of, but the mean kind. Impatience, stubborness, rudeness, disorganized , yep, me too...:) The list could go on and on. Of course I'm in no way over it all but I can say that I am so far removed that most poeple who know me would not believe that I was ever mean or hateful or bitter. Once He pulled up that root of bitterness in my life, everything else seemed to follow a natural course of, if not elimination, at least reduction...God has done a wonderful work and continues to dig even deeper, ouch! thanks Lord!

BTW, your kiddos are so cute in their back to school pics...

Diane@Diane's Place said...

S, I was blessed to be saved at 9 years old, so I grew up with the Lord in my life. Oh, I still haven't "arrived", He still works in my life every day, and I'm maturing away from some things I used to do.

I just got back from Jonesboro. I met Sue and Phillip at Starbucks in Barnes and Noble and gave them some goodies for you and for them. Sue brought me a jar of apple jelly and elderberry jelly that I can't wait to try. She said they're leaving on Sept. 10th for Michigan, so you'll see them soon. She's having lots of trouble with her neck, I guess she told you about that. We had a really good visit and I enjoyed chatting with them.

Hope school is going well for y'all. ;D

This Journey of Mine said...

MTF - Thank you for this post. I decided instead of just commenting that I wanted to post my comment on my blog. It was a good idea to write about!
I love how much God has changed us and brought us to such a neat place in life. I can't imagine where I would be now, if I didn't have Him. He is so amazing to me.
Thanks again!
I really enjoy your blog!

Kristina at Learn2Luv2Run said...

I came to know the Lord when I was 8, so my life didn't "change" per was maybe that my future changed. God hid me under his hand of protection and kept me from getting into all kinds of trouble because I had him in my life. i think that too is important.