Saturday, August 05, 2006

Me and My Shadow

With DS gone to grandmas for a sleep-over and DH out with the guys, it was time for another date with my girl. We ran some errands then it was off to dinner. We choose Applebees. She decided we should sit next to each other, rather than across from each. Our entree? Crispy Orange Chicken bowl. Yum! It is our favorite. We chatted the meal away...just girls, no boys.

After dinner I gave her the choice between swimming at the Y or going to the toy store. She choose the toy store. Tree House Toys is fantastic. It is a hands-on play with the toys, toy store. A kids dream. We walked in and she spied the trains but there was a boy playing at the table so she walked on by. I tried a race track but could not get the car to do the loopty-loop. So on we went. To the doll house. Not just any doll house. A bunny and bear house. We put them to bed. Arranged the kitchen. Dressed them. Took them out to play in the sand box...we played at the doll house for.....awhile. Finally she said good bye to the bunnies and we were off again. Next stop the scooter. She rode it around the loop a few times then spied a big wheel. She ditched the scooter and hopped on the "bike." She went around and around and around until I suggested we see what else there was. Next interest, the baby in the stroller. I am not sure what it is with things on wheels but my daughter is drawn to them. The baby got to go around the store a few times before DD put her to bed. Next, a tent. Then a piano. Then I was treated to a plastic sandwich. She was having a great time. We made our way full circle and said good bye to the Tree House.
When we had left the house DD had doughnuts on the brain. When I asked her what we should have for dinner she kept saying doughnuts. So we decided that after dinner we would go to Krispy Kreme. We watched the breif tour of the doughnut making process then went to make our selection. The lady gave us two fresh glazed doughnuts and DD picked out a sprinkle. With hot chocolate and donuts in hand we found some swivel chairs and went to work eating our donuts. DD ate half the sprinkle then a bit of the fresh.
DD: Mom, my hands are sticky.
DD: I want to wash my hands.
ME: Just a sec. Left me finish this donut, then we can go wash hands.
DD: You are wasting time. You can't waste time...let's go.

I smiled then giggled then roared with laughter. She got a twinkle in her eye and started laughing too. Then it was off to wash our hands. Afterall no wasting time.

We had a great time together with many sweet conversations. As we were walking in the door, she said "Let's go mommy, no wasting time.....I'm just kidding."


Laura said...

That is so awesome that you had a date with your daughter. Sounds like she had a wonderful time and I'm sure she'll be talking about it for a long time or at least until the next one...LOL. Laura

Anonymous said...

Now THAT is what it is all about.
Memories, memories, ... memories

Bek said...

toooooo funny! your daughter's comments. how old is she again? sounds like a great date with her. and what a toy store! i don't think we have one like that around here!!!

Kristina at Learn2Luv2Run said...

THAT is so cute Sarah! I am loving that!

Kellie said...

Sweet little conversations. DD is starting to do that with me. I need to start having dates with her. We would have fun just the two of us. Thanks for sharing.