Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I had a dream this morning.
In my dream, the kids and I were at a pond with fishing line, hooks and a small bucket.
The fish were more than biting they were jumping on our lines. As soon as we would take one of and throw it in the bucket another one was on the line. It was frenzied fishing. In no time at all I looked over to see the bucket was overflowing and fish we piling up , flapping around on the ground.
Now from previous experience I know that fish need oxygen to live and even in a bucket they can die from lack of oxygen. So I frantically try to put them back in a bucket looking around for something bigger. I look over and a large storage tote is there. I begin dumping out the contents to "save" the fish. I don't know why we were fishing. I don't know what we intended to do with the fish. They were all small and most likely not keepers yet here I was trying to keep everyone.
In the midst of me trying to get the space, God spoke, "Why the excess?"
I love it when God speaks. Even in dreams God speaks to me. I knew immediately what this one meant.
The fish is stuff. Small. Insignificant stuff. Piling up and multiplying before my eyes and rather than throw it back or getting rid of it I try to cram it into the corners of my home. Excess. Unnecessary excess.
Thank you Lord for blessing me. Help me to get rid of the excess and keep only what I need.

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Craig L. Adams said...

I think sometimes God has to speak in dreams to get past the defenses (so to speak) of our rational mind, and show us what we are not seeing.