Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Yesterday for Math a stream of continuous and nonsense sound came from my son. Bobbitybobbitybobbitybobbity...for 10 minutes. I found it annoying at first and then I realized something. It was helping him.
Sometimes in our house Math can take a half hour other days in between standing on his head and sharpening pencils it can take an hour. Distractions abound and there are times the distractions are overwhelming. Focus.
So enter the bobbitybobbities and for once there were no other distractions. For 10 minutes he sat focused on his Math, as he sang he was doing his Math. and people say men can't do two things at once.
Here was the boys journal yesterday:
Mommy, can I please sing at my desk? It helps me and (my sister) focus very much. I know that it makes you kinda mad but I would really love to. I would like to sing while I do Math. When I sing it gets the pressure off of me so I can focus better. Thank you very ,very much. Love, (Your son)

Who am I am to argue with that? In fact we just completed day two of singing during math and guess what? He finished 40 problems in LESS than 10 minutes! A miracle. A singing miracle.
Bobbitybobbitybobbity- Now if only that would help me accomplish all I need to do.


David said...

Perhaps you can play some music while he is working on his math or other subjects.

David said...

try to play some music while he studys.