Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Skiing

Inspired by the Olympics we decided to try out Cross Country Skiing at Birchfield Park.
We suited up, rented skis and hit the trail.

The boy was a natural. Easily finding his rhythm and conquering the hills.

Little girl found her balance and plugged away. The first challenge we had was "Duck Walking" up our first hill. Which she did. She even made it down rather well.

My sweet 'adopted' daughters joined us as well. The first 15 minutes or so were rough but by the middle of the course we were all staying on our feet.

Our clan...I propped the camera on a post and scooted over to get in the picture.

It was a beautiful sunny day to hit the snowy trails.

Victory! We made it.

We totally enjoyed it and will be doing it again soon.

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