Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finding My Voice

It seems for so long I have been silent. When I speak it is in short snippets on a facebook status.
I feel like I have been on a train ride headed towards some wonderful destination but never quite reaching it. At each stop along the way giving a quick update and then getting back on the train to ride through life.

It's not that the last few months have been bad. It's not that I have not had things to say. It's more that I lost my passion. I lost my focus. I lost my voice.

I have to say that right now, this week, this day, this moment, God is doing a miraculous work in my heart, in my life and my home. I think I am finding my voice.

Watch out blogosphere....I do believe I'm back!

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Craig L. Adams said...

(Bracing for an onslaught.)