Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Victory Video

Last year, the kids and I had the privilege of watching the birth of two calves. One, a heifer, we named Miley and a bull calf (Espn). We have enjoyed watching her grow, periodically checking in on how she is doing at the MSU Dairy Farm. Today my daughter and I decided to go visit Miley. While there we noticed a heifer was in labor. This time I took video and captured the miracle of life for your viewing pleasure.
The following video is approxiamately 9 minutes long and fully discloses the birth (it shows her parts and all that is happening, it contains blood and bodily fluids) The whole thing is amazing!

Here is the timeline-
9:30am- Valla is taken to the birthing stall
10:55am- Her water breaks, she then stands up and takes a break for about 30 minutes
11:30am- Active pushing...the front two hooves appear
11:40am Calf born- We named it Victory
11:41-12:15- Licked clean by Valla
12:15pm Calf taken to the warming house

If only it could be that simple for us humans. Speaking of humans, the gestation of cows is very close to ours at 9 months 10 days. And now you know.

I hope you watch and enjoy the video!


Anonymous said...

Awesome video! Thanks for sharing!

dave surline said...

this was the first time i ever saw a cow being born, or any thing like that my hole life, this was really nice to watch, and to see the whole birh. thanks for sharing sarah.