Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My Parent- Teacher Conference

So today I am sitting down with the kids teacher to see how the kids are doing. It should be fun talking to myself.

For the most part they play well with others. I have one, social child, that talks easily with others. One, quiet reserved, that is growing and making attempts to speak. I have one that excels in sports and one that excels in academics.

Never before have I been more keenly aware of the differences of boys and girls. Or how two children, raised in the same home can be so different. It is 100% absolutely true that each person is a unique individual, with likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. My challenge right now is identifying these things in my kids. Encouraging them in those areas of interest. Strengthening their areas of weakness. Nurturing their God-Given gifts and abilities. Teaching them more than academic skills but life skills as well.

I am reading through a book right now Life Skills for Kids: Equipping Children for the Real World by Christine Field. While I feel academic pursuits are important, I do not want to be remiss and miss the everyday skills needed to function as an adult in this world.

So I guess at this parent-teacher conference I will be having later today, I guess we better discuss those things as well. :)

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Anet said...

Life skills are so important! One great thing about homeschooling there is plenty of time for things like that.
The parent side of me is always scared to have a conference with the teacher side of me. What will she think of me?:)