Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Adventures in Volunteering

On Tuesday when we went to Fenner I knew I should have had my camera with me so when we went today I made sure to bring it along. Today was suppose to be an hike with friends but those plans changed when the wind chills went to single digits. We decided we would still go to Fenner and either volunteer or sketch wild life. We ended up volunteering. I am so thankful I had my camera. Here is what we saw:

The kids and I all got to hold black rat snakes; a mother and it's baby.
Here the boy has the baby.

Here I have the mother while little girl is checking it out.

After that we headed outside to fill the bird feeders...

and put out seed for the turkeys.

While we were still putting out seed, the turkeys came in to eat.

There were 12 of them.

What really surprised me was this little lady. She came within 20 feet of us with 2 others hanging back in the brush.

She kept her eyes on us but moved in closer.

After that we came in, helped with a display. And the kids got the baby rat snake out some more. They were really hoping someone would come in so they could show it to them, Do you see that smile?

Here is a close-up of the baby black rat snake.

Hope you enjoyed pictures of our adventures.


Craig L. Adams said...

Hmm. So the baby rat snakes have a pattern and the adults don't? (I've never seen a rat snake in the wild, but I understand they are native to Michigan. And, I understand they can climb trees.)

momteacherfriend said...

They continuously get darker as they mature.
They are indeed native to Michigan and are rather docile. Thanks for teaching me something I did not know they would climb trees yet one write up I just read states they will climb up to 40ft.

KelseyChristine said...

hahahaha LOVE the Mitch Hedberg quote :)