Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Swim Test

When we woke up this morning we did not expect it to be a monumental day. Yet that is what it has turned out to be.
Being the youngest can be tough at times; watching your older sibling do things that you yourself can not yet do. Some take this opportunity to indulge in self pity while others such as my daughter, it drives them towards excellence. A determination to achieve.
Ever since little girl realized she was tall enough to go down the water slide at the YMCA there has been a determination to learn how to swim so she could go down it. Whenever we would go to the Y she would practice and practice swimming, each time with her little booty sinking until she was merely treading water. Apparently being of healthy weight and build CAN have its disadvantages as the child has no fat to keep her buoyant.
Today started out much like the others, jumping into the big pool with the intent of practicing some more, merely biding time until she could take her swim class next month. Yet shortly into it I realized that something was different. She was kicking harder, looking stronger. I think she could feel it too. We started out short distances, pushing off the wall and swimming to me. Then gradually made those distances further and further until we realized she WAS doing it. Then we worked a bit on back stroke and the transition from front to back. A requirement for the YMCA youth swim test. Within minutes we knew she was ready. The moment had come. Very excitedly she went to the lifeguard and asked to take the swim test. With me still in the water she pushed off one end and swam and kicked. At the halfway point she rolled over with ease and made her last half doing kicking away on her back. SHE DID IT! She passed the swim test. She gave me the hugest hug and the biggest smile, then proudly walked to the life guard stand to get her name added to the book. The the bracelet around her wrist she made her way to the highly anticipated water slide where she went down three times in a row. Daddy was watching the last two times.
I know one little girl who can.

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Butterfly Mama said...

So cool!!! What an accomplishment!