Sunday, July 29, 2007

Shankies Batman

The last week was a whirlwind as I found myself the lead teacher in the Third Grade Boys class at VBS. These kids were awesome. Really and truly a great bunch of kids. I know many people shudder at the thought of 20+ boys together in one room. These kids proved that boys can be boys, have fun and be respectful too. I am so proud of them.
It may have helped that the theme for VBS this year was sports; Game Day Central. It was fun relating to the boys in this way. Being team players, joining God's team, doing their best in EVERYTHING. The boys loved it and I think they made the connections.

This week we celebrated our 150th find for geocaching! We also went on a caching streak going to at least one find for 14 consecutive days. Recent highlights... We found a live salamander IN a cache. We have launched a few geocoins and a couple travel bugs. We have taken more family and friends on their first finds. Seen great parks that we did not know existed, places we will definitely visit again.

Last week the UPS man delivered two boxs of school books! Add that to my INCREDIBLE finds from the used curriculum sale and I think we have what we need for a successful year. Of course, there are still things I would enjoy adding to our supplies but I know I have everything I NEED. I am looking forward to this year of teaching. I think it will be a little less flexible as I have more subject, meaning more table time. It is going to take the first couple of weeks to figure out the time demands and a doable schedule but I think once it is worked out we will need to stick with it rather strictly to make it to the end of the year in time. For those interested our main materials for first grade are:
BJU Press- Reading, Phonics, Spelling and Handwriting
Saxon Math 1
Abeka Science, Our America and Bible
Christian Liberty Press- History for Little Pilgrims and Science Readers
IF- Map Skills 1
Geography will include wherever our travel bugs travel. We sent them out with missions of traveling to all 50 states and asking those who find them to answer 5 simple questions to help us in our learning. I am looking forward to following them as they have already visited 3 states a had some replies to our questions.
Enrichment Day will be every Friday with similar aged children and will include Music, Art and Gym

While it will be MUCH heavier on the books and work texts this year we will sure to stay heavy on the fun as well. Many trips to the YMCA, geocaching, camping, theater(our homeschool group has great discounts to incredible shows,) and other field trips galore. After all learning IS fun and we want to make learning as fun as possible for our kids.

Blogging has been sporadic at best and may continue to be so through the remainder of the summer. Hope all of you are enjoying your days outdoors and with your families.
God bless!


Wendy said...

Awesome! Sounds like a great plan for the year. I'm w/ya on having to do more school this year. 1st grade will be a little different, but like you said, it should be fun too!
It's always excited to get new books.

We are using History for Little Pilgrims. I'll be interested to hear what you think of Saxon 1. I may switch to that next year.

Diane J. said...

DD is going to be much more involved this year in the homeschooling. Hard to believe she's old enough to start school with her brother.

Glad to hear y'all are having a great summer! :-)

Love and hugs,


Anonymous said...

Back to school is such an exciting time! Enjoy the new books with the kids.

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