Monday, July 16, 2007

Great Grandparents

My kids have never known them. My grandparents all pasted away before the kids were born. My paternal grandmother, an hour before she passed, spoke to my sister and I, saying "I will never meet your little ones this side of heaven." We were both pregnant at the time. On my husbands side, his grandparents are all gone now as well. DS, met the last remaining grandfather when he was a month old. Just before he passed on.
A couple weeks ago now, when we were gone for a week, we went up north. My girlfriend invited us up to spend the week at her grandparents cottage. They own acres on a beautiful lake. Their main home is directly next to the cottage. For my kids it was their first real experience with an older generation within the family. Over the week four generations were present in their home. And I realized what we had been missing. What I was missing.
They were incredibly sweet and adopted us in. We shared meals together. They shared their home and their history. Grandpa took us on boat rides and tubing. We explored their land and had a fabulous time.
On the fourth of July, grandpa asked us if we would like to ride in the parade in his 1928 Model A. Of course, we did and had a fabulous time. The parade route was about 5 miles from their home. The kids were in back in the trundle seat. Their hair flying in the wind. Grandpa showed me all the unique features of the Model A. I watched at he finessed it just so to make her run. Amazing. In the parade we put the top down, smiled, waved and threw suckers to the kids in the crowd. Good times.
I wonder what kind of stories my grandparents would have to tell if they were still around. I am sure I could sit around for days listening to all they had to say. Maybe the other side of heaven I will be able to do just that.


Irritable Mother said...

How sweet for them to take you in and love you like that. Would you say God smiled at you through them???

Kellie said...

Even though we have a few of the great grands still here I wish the kids could have met them when they were 10-15 years younger. I also wish that they could have met the most important women in my life my maternal grandmother. She pass the year before my fist little one. I believe she would have loved to see them.

I am so glad that your kids could have that expierence. They are at an age that they may take memories of that with them for a lifetime.